About Bakesale

Bakesale is the purpose driven marketplace.

Inspired by brands like TOMs, Bombas, and Warby Parker, we wanted to create a platform that let anyone sell their products and services for a greater cause.

Bakesale provides a way for companies and individual creators to reach an audience of socially conscious shoppers eager to support a better world with their purchases.

Like the bake sales held at local community centers, schools and churches, folks can gather and offer their unique talents on the internet and raise money for great causes.

Creators can list their product or service, designate how much they would like to donate (always 50-100%), and select the cause to support.

We handle all the payments and processing and make sure that the causes are paid every penny that is raised for them. The only costs on the platform are the fees we are charged by Stripe to process sales.

Shoppers can browse by creator, cause, product / service type, charity or tag. We feature everything from Yoga to Thai Cooking Classes to stuffed animals to computer programming tutoring.

How do we make money?

Well, we don't. This was started as a tool to help alleviate some of pressure in our world by encouraging people to channel their criticism into creativity. In the future maybe we will add a tip jar or otherwise find unique ways to sustain the project further, but for the foreseeable future we have no plans to monetize Bakesale.

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